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Chromebook Cart Building Instructions
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Aver E36 Charging Cart Build


Tools needed:



Velcro Cable Ties -- **Do not use 'Zip Ties' **


  1. Open the rear door of the cart there should be a bubble wrap bag containing the power cable for the cart. This cable goes into the side with handle on the bottom right and then can be wrapped around the 2 prongs provided.





  1. Unbox all the Chromebooks for the cart (can be up to 36) and both sides of the charger for them all keeping them separated.


  1. Unravel the charger side that goes into the Chromebook and try to straighten it as much as you can. The power brick goes into the slots on the back of the cart. Feed enough of the cable through the clamp above it until it will reach the front. Go to the other side and feed it through the front clamp until its about 2 inches above the bottom of the tray you are working on. (You can put the Chromebook in there to measure to be sure you have enough.) When the cable length is correct, use the screwdriver to clamp the front clamp. Then go to backside and pull any slack in the cable out and clamp the rear clamp.




  1. Repeat this process until the desired number of chargers is put in or row is full. When full, pull charger out of slot and wrap the cable up neatly, putting the cable tie on it so it won’t unravel. Do this to all in that row. When finished with that row, start again at step 3 with the next row doing this until the cart is full or desired number of Chromebooks is reached.


  1. When finished with that you will next get the other half of the charger (the half that would get plugged into the wall), and unwrap it enough to where both sides will plug in. One side goes into bottom of the power brick and the other goes into the power strip on the cart itself. Then when proper length is reached rewrap it with the twist tie that came with the cable. Repeat this process until all cables have been attached. Lengths will vary and it becomes difficult to do the cables at the bottom of the cart due to the preinstalled power box and cables.

  1. When finished with that put the Chromebook in the slots in the front and plug them up. Go ahead and test to make sure everything works by plugging the main plug into the wall now. It may take a bit of time for everything to light up.  *NOTE* - Cart will charge in cycles.
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