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Secure Print Set Up - Windows 10

Setting up the Canon Copiers to use Secured Print in Windows 10

Step 1:  In the search bar type in Control Panel


Step 2: Select Control Panel   

Step 3:  Select View devices and printers


Step 4:  Right Click on the Canon Copier you wish to set up with Secured Print, and select “Printing Preferences”

Step 5:  Change the “Output Method” from “Print” to “Secured Print,” and select OK when box pops up.                      

Step 6:  If presented with a secure Print Pin dialogue box,  create a Pin Number and Press “Apply”  then “OK”


Step 7:  Retrieve your job by selecting the “Main Menu” button on the Copier you used and then select the “Secure Print “ button on the screen. Select your print job,  select  “Secure Print” and enter your code.

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  • 25-Feb-2021