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LanSchool - Change Channel
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Changing Channels in LanSchool

Needing to use LanSchool for a lab you are not the Teacher Console for? No Problem.

As long as you have the LanSchool teacher software, you can change the “Channel” you see.


First Launch the Teacher Console

Then, Click the “Administer” tab at the top.


Select “Preferences…”

Under the “Network” tab, either select:

  • Use Single Channel, or
  • Use Multiple Channels


(if these settings are greyed out, please reach out to the helpdesk and we can get these unlocked for you)

If you just want to change the Channel you see, select “Use Single Channel” and type in the Channel you would like to view. Channel numbers are setup when initially installed. They are usually set as the room number.

Before changing it, take note of the Channel Number you are in now, just in case you need to change back.

If you are wanting to view multiple channels at the same time, select “Use Multiple Channels”. In the box, type all the channels you wish to view. This will combine those channels into one viewing area.


In this example, the Teacher would see lab 107, lab 109, lab 915, and lab 1015 all on the same screen.

When you have multiple teacher console’s watching the same channel, at the same time… LanSchool can get glitchy. It may lag or stop responding. Just close out of it and try again.

That was how you change/add channels to your Teacher Console.

Let us know at the Helpdesk if any of this isn’t working as expected.



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