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Smart 18 (Limited Mode)
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It’s not the end of the world however…

Smart Notebook 18 includes “Limited Mode”.


In Limited Mode, you can access the “bare necessities”

of the program, for as long as you need… without a license!


It may not have all of the bells and whistles,

but it will get you by until a license can be purchased.

(if you even want one after using Limited Mode)


Start by clicking the “Smart Account” button on the Pop-up

The accounts are tied to your email account.

So Click “Sign in with Microsoft”

Type in your email credentials.


Then Type your password in on the next screen.

Select “Work or School Account”


Then Type in your password.

Next it will ask you to approve all these permissions.

Click Yes.

Type in your name.


Click Next.





You are all set on the web portion. Just a few more “OK” buttons and you’ll be done.


And “OK”

Now you are finished and can continue to use

Smart Notebook 18 for as long as you need. Enjoy.


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