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Security Camera Set Up for iPad
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This is an iPad-specific tutorial. This will help principals, assistant principals, and SROs get their school security cameras running on an IOS device that is enrolled in Mosyle.
- Lead educators have not been approved to use this system.  
- As of this moment ( 5/9/22 @ 1:28pm ), I am not sure if/how playback and footage downloading features work as they do on a PC - caveat emptor.


  1. Find the Manager App on the home screen and launch it.

  1. Tap the Self Service button to log in.



  1. If this is the first time they have used Manager, agree and/or choose the first-time aggravating options that pop up.




  1. Locate the EZView app and tap to download it to the device.


  1. Exit out of Manager and locate the EZview app icon on the home screen. It may take a minute to download. It will show the progress on the icon. Tap to launch.



  1. Check the “I have read and agree to” box and then tap the agree button.



  1. Swipe past the info boxes

  1. Tap the “x” on the pop-up window then, close the entire app. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then swipe the app off of the screen.


  1. Relaunching the EZView app from the home screen will bring you to this screen. Tap the 3 line menu on the top left and select “Devices” from the fly-out menu







  1. Select “+Add” from the bar




  1. Select “Manual Add” from the menu







  1. Fill out the fields with the schools’ information:
    Name: ( School Name  NVR )

Address 10.(## or ###).129.10 (refer to security camera spreadsheet)

Port: 80

Username: user1

Password: Refer to the security camera spreadsheet

Streaming Media Profile: Default

Live View: Auto

Playback: Low

When complete, tap the save floppy disk icon in the top right.








  1. Select the 3-line menu again and select Live view. If all the information entered is correct, the cameras should appear.




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