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Yodeck Display Signage
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The older established method of the coax cable runs create a signal can be less than ideal and does not always display as clearly as desired. 

The current solution we are recommending at a few locations as a somewhat limited 'trial' is called Yodeck.
There are several benefits over the current announcement/signage solutions.

  • No longer will require coax cable runs.
  • Cloud based managing of content.
  • Greater flexibility of placement of TVs. (within mounting/power requirements.)
  • Minimal maintenance/upkeep other than providing content and initial connection.

Purchasing the 'Annual Plan' for any number of screens and Yodeck will provide the necessary players for those screens(Free or 20$ each options). The option for the 4GB player is anticipated to be a bit more robust with some of the content which may be presented. As we are suggesting the annual plan for the cost savings + included/cheaper players, if the solution doesn't meet expectations or requirements, others may be evaluated with a more specific scope with everyone's' shared experiences. Early feedback from one location indicates they are easily deployed and offer many options of displaying various messages/announcements etc...

Potential next steps to take are listed below.

  1. Create an account on Yodeck's website.
  2. Select the number of screens
  3. Selecting the 'Annual' plan.
  4. Select the desired plan with supports your anticipated feature requirements.
  5. Choose between the 2GB player or the 4GB model.
  6. Beyond these straightforward prompts choosing screens/players/units is Billing. Posted below is an example for (2) screens*.
    *Note that this does not include the cost of shipping or the Yodeck PlayBox upgrade(4GB Players).

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